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Homes need change, and they need repairs as the years go by. Faucets wear out, wall papers fade, foundations shift, sidewalks crack, eavestroughes plug and garage doors rust. Repair brings those outside doors back looking new again, or if it is time for a change, a door replacement upgrades that part of the house to current standards and styling. I think of it as making the house feel good again.

I am a tradesman who has been doing this full time now since 2012. I work alone all winter and with some help in the warm months. Feel free to give me a call if you have an item in your home or yard that needs fixing. Partial day or evening jobs are the norm for repairs. I have a one hour minimum charge of course. Most common repair items can be supplied from my kit, and I will go to the store for you to purchase others if needed. I do painting and window air conditioner unit installations for people in apartments as well.

Serving you from Butler St., Kingston, Ontario

I do my best to provide a straightforward service in line with what my clients want.

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The salient feature of my business is the timely servicing of part day repair jobs at a customer's home. Typically a list of such jobs could be: a towel rack that needs to be put back on the wall, weatherstripping that should be adjusted against an outside door, clearance to be produced between a closet door and its jamb, the changing of a bulb in a ceiling light fixture and the elimination of the squeak from a stairway step. Renovation jobs, of course, take a week and longer.

I may be asked to replace or build a back yard fence, put in a new patio, plant a tree or install a ceramic floor in a enclosed porch. On still larger projects I may remove the old cupboards and appliances from a kitchen and put in a new floor, a new set of cupboards with countertop, a new sink, a new dishwasher and a new cooking unit. Bathroom makeovers are also a common request.


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    I carry business liability insurance to correct any unintended damaging events that may happen during the course of the job.

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